Powershell hr

I saw this on reddit (or possibly hackernews) the other day that produces a simple banner line in bash.

So here’s a powershell version:

Python virtual envs

A simple function to bootstrap Python virtualenvs in Powershell. Add it to your profile and then call it as:

create_virtualenv c:\temp\myvirtualenv

Script is here:

A Basic Rakefile

I don’t like spending too much time setting up a new automated build, and rakefiles are an effective way to capture a lot of the boring repetition. Also, in the spirit of “don’t repeat yourself”, I have a rakefile that that I have been gradually building over the past few months. For my purposes, it now just requires a single edit to use in a new project.

XAML-Only Font ComboBox

This is a repost of my CodeProject article

Comments can be found there.

Jekyll on Windows

Getting Jekyll working on Windows was relatively straight forward:

  • Install ruby
  • Install the devkit
  • gem install jekyll

Then, downgrade pygments as 0.5.1 doesn’t work properly.

And that’s it.

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